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Important Travel Insurance Information

The Provincial Ministry of Health provides basic coverage to residents of B.C. for medical and hospital services. However, health services outside of British Columbia often cost more than the amount paid by the Ministry.

Average cost for hospital stay in the United States often exceeds $5,000 a day, and can be as high as $35,000 US a day for intensive care!

Before you leave the country, or even if you are traveling from province to province, you can opt to purchase additional travel insurance. At Dave Dale Insurance, we are able to provide coverage for day trips, long trips, or even annual policies for the convenience of frequent travelers.

Based on age, duration of the trip, and whether or not there are any pre-existing medical conditions, we can help you find the best coverage and rate to protect you while you are away.

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Currently, we represent one travel insurance market. For Information on the types of Travel Insurance policies available at our office, information about Travel Insurance policies you are purchasing or have purchased or information about the claim process, please contact us.

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